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Finding new things nurtures our soul

Elisabete Gonçalves da Silva
2 min readFeb 1, 2022


Foto de Taryn Elliott no Pexels

Finding new things nurtures our soul and it is so needed to feed the soul!

I need Sun, need laughter, and need kindness to feed my soul…

I love big voyages as well as small road trips and naïve explorations…

I remember being in Spain, near Sanxenxo, and exploring around to find the best places to eat and try new things.

Once, we went to this small bodega where we tried chorizo sandwiches — one of the tastiest chorizos I’ve eaten.

At the end of our meal, the owner came to us and kept asking us something we did not get:

— Postre? — he asked.

We looked at each other and answered we did not know what he meant, and he insisted:

— Postre?

We were not sure what to do, we did not understand it at all…

After a while, he said:

— Flan?

And then we got it!

— Yes! — we answered simultaneously, very happy!

We had finally understood that the sir had been asking us if we wanted dessert and we always want dessert!!!

I love remembering these small naïve things that put a smile in my face, anytime, anywhere!

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