Chapters of a Happy Busy Life

Loving Life Altogether

I love life. And I love living it.

Elisabete Gonçalves da Silva
2 min readDec 9, 2021


Santa’s sleigh — Christmas decorations in the City — Vila Nova de Cerveira — Portugal
Photographer Pedro Miguel Pinheiro Marques | Image contributed by the author | Cerveira — Natal

Life is amazing.

Today I woke up thinking about it.

I have the day off, I am going to decorate my house for Christmas, had men working here to build a piece of furniture to isolate the exterior unit of the AC — in an apartment the “exterior” turns into the interior and it ended up in the marquis, so when the temperature was warm and cozy in the living room and bedroom it was chilly in the marquis and kitchen… Today that has changed.

Now we will be warm everywhere and our beloved furry friends won’t have to face Siberia when we program the AC to work at 6 AM.

And won’t feel like they were in the oven in the Summer, when we turn it on to be fresh and comfortable inside.

I am glad to be able to the expertise of those who can build things and be able to get them to do it.

Later we will be running our business, having lunch with my Mum, and going for a ride and a walk by the Sea.

Little nice things that bring such joy! Easy to be happy, hum?!

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